Jackson County 4-H, Oregon State University

The 4-H program in Jackson County is one richly steeped in history. Oregon State University’s, Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center, the home to Jackson County’s 4-H for over 100 years is located in Central Point. 4-H in Jackson County began when the industry was primarily timber, mining, ranching, farming and fruit production.

As the culture in Jackson County has evolved, so has our 4-H program. While we still hang tight to our roots in agriculture we embrace the change from the primarily rural of the past to the more urban focus of today. Jackson County 4-H continues with the largest junior livestock program in the state, but also claims the largest shooting sports program as well that includes archery, pistol, rifle and shotgun. We offer technology based programing with our Lego Robotics program.

As has been noted by a recent Tuft’s University study, 4-H members are more likely to be active in their communities, more likely to pursue a career in the sciences, and more likely to make healthier choices than compared to their non 4-H peers. We are raising the future leaders of our community so Join The Club today and we will all answer "Life’s Little Questions" together!

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